How to Get Glowing Skin Every Day with the Opté Beauty System

Your skin is often one of the first things people notice about you. That’s why it’s so important to have healthy and glowing skin! How can you get radiant skin at home? The Opté Beauty System has what it takes to keep your skin looking its best. Opté is a revolutionary new beauty device that instantly targets and covers age spots and unwanted blemishes, while reducing the appearance of unevenness over time. It’s not just skin care, it’s skin transformation. And, it’s the perfect addition to your daily skin care routine. The following tips show just how easy it is to incorporate Opté into your everyday life and get glowing, healthy skin.

Get flawless coverage all day, every day.
Unlike laser skin treatment or resurfacing, Opté’s innovative technology can be used every day as part of your daily skin care regimen in your own home. Opté applies a unique Tone Perfecting Serum directly to your skin that lasts all day, without the need to reapply. In fact, the more you use Opté, the better your results will be. For optimal skin transformation, we recommend using the Opté Beauty Wand at least five times a week. Apply in the morning, and you’re set! Make sure to apply Opté to the same skin spots every time to enhance the health and appearance of your skin.

Opté is an addition, not a replacement.
Forget developing a whole new routine. With Opté, you can keep using your favorite beauty products (if you want to); just make sure to put on all liquid products first! Once the liquids have been applied, use the revolutionary Opté Beauty Wand on desired areas, like age spots, dark spots and unwanted blemishes. Finally, add any powder products and voila! You’re ready to face the day with glowing skin.

Slow and steady wins the face.
The key to using the Opté Beauty Wand is to not go too quickly. Draw Opté slowly and smoothly across your skin as it scans,detects and custom corrects unwanted skin spots. Try to keep continuous contact and use a back-and-forth motion with light pressure. If you want to go over a skin spot a second time, first wait eight to 10 seconds for the serum to dry. The more you use Opté, the more effortless application will become. After all, practice makes perfect!

With ground-breaking, custom skin care, Opté is the first beauty brand that sees you. This never-before-seen technology will enable you to not only achieve glowing skin every day, but improve your skin’s natural appearance over time. Let Opté take you into this new world of radiant skin. We are here to help you get flawless skin, every day, forever. Please clickhereto learn more.

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