Opté Works in 3 Revolutionary Steps to Solve the Age Spot Problem

Age spots and dark spots can appear anywhere – and at any time. Whether on your face, arms, neck or otherwise, you can now remove unwanted dark spots on your skin like magic. The revolutionary new Opté Beauty System provides instant dark spot treatment results and long-term skin care transformation with a handheld, at-home dark spot and acne blemish corrector. In just three steps, you can instantly target skin spots, while reducing the appearance of unevenness over time – without affecting the rest of your skin. Sound too good to be true? Check out how it works in three easy, innovative steps.

1. Instantly scan for dark spots on skin.
Opté uses groundbreaking technology to help find tonal imperfections and spots. All you have to do is draw the Opté Beauty Wand across the desired dark spot or blemish you’d like to correct. The camera on the device uses a blue light with a special wavelength to recognize skin imperfections, even subtle ones the human eye cannot see. Never before has there been so much power in the palm of your hand!

2. Magically detect spots and acne blemishes.
Who said brains and beauty couldn’t mix? After the initial scan across your skin, Opté’s microprocessor uses a facial recognition algorithm to analyze the characteristics of your spots, including the location, size, shape and color. This allows the device to customize the Tone Perfecting Serum inside and target your age spots in a very precise way. Just like that, Opté knows more about your skin than even you might.

3. Flawlessly custom-correct to your skin’s needs.
Finally, Opté customizes the Tone Perfecting Serum to match your skin’s unique needs. The serum will be applied only to your skin spots in a very targeted and precise way. Like magic, tonal imperfections will be covered immediately, while specialized ingredients inside the serum will help reduce the appearance of unwanted blemishes over time. Since each application is intuitively personalized, you’ll get results with the look and feel of naturally flawless skin every time you use it. And, since the Tone Perfecting Pods are reloadable, you can incorporate Opté easily into your everyday skin care routine.

The Opté Beauty Systemisn’t just another dark spot treatment. It is a truly innovative approach to skin care. By combining long-term care with short-term results, you can get the radiant look you want and the long-term health your skin deserves. Try Opté now and you’ll never look at skin care the same way again.

Since Opté is a completely new skin care system to the world, we offer a hands-on coaching and support system to guide you along the way so you can achieve long-lasting results. To learn more about the Opté Beauty System, clickhere.

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