Opté Beauty Device FAQ

What are the benefits of Opté?

How does Opté achieve a natural, flawless look?
What skincare benefits does Opté have?
Why should I choose Opté over lasers?

How does Opté Work?

How does Opté work?
Is the blue light safe?
What ingredients are in it?

How is Opté Different?

How is Opté different from regular foundation?
How is Opté different than typical skincare/whitening creams?

Will it work for my needs?

What type of spots does Opté work on?
Does it work for all skin colors?

How do I use Opté?

How should I apply Opté?
Can I use it under my eyes and around my nose?
Can I use Opté on my neck, hands and body?
How long should I use the Beauty Wand each day?
How long does my end look last?
After using the Beauty Wand, can I apply moisturizer or SPF lotion on my face?
Afterward, can I put on concealer?
When can I wash my face after use?

Servicing Opté

How do I change the Tone Perfecting Serum and Preserving Disk?
What do the yellow and red Drops mean?
Why is there a second tip in the system?
What can I do if the Beauty Wand stops working? How can I fix minor technical issues?
Why has the Beauty Wand stopped clicking?
Should I keep going over an area until the clicking stops?
How long does the Tone Perfecting Serum and Preserving Disk last?
If I press harder into my skin does more Tone Perfecting Serum come out?
How am I supposed to use the Beauty Wand over my nose?
How should the Wand be placed against the skin?
To confirm, I should not use any foundation after I use the product, correct?
What should I do if I notice smearing on my skin from the rollers?