Instantly Erase Spots & Fade Them Over Time

Opté digitally scans your skin and
analyzes your complexion to cover
imperfections and reduce the
appearance of unevenness over time

Light Feel

No cakey feel like make-up.

Natural Look

Skin’s natural luminescence shines through.

No Down-Time

Non-invasive, no lasers.

No Pain

Gentle and safe yet effective



Long Term

Skin looks immediately flawless
and noticeably improves in just a short time

After first use


skin looks flawless

Week 1-2

skin feels noticeably smoother

Week 4-6

skin appears healthier looking

Week 8-12

spots begin to appear faded

See it Work

Real Results

Real Users

Click on the pictures to see each
woman’s real transformation
– Angelina F.
– Bridget M.
– Kate V.
– Lisa S.
– Nery B.
– Teresa F.
Bare Skin
close up
After First Use
close up
– Angelina F.
No retouching has occured on skin or spots.
Helen Yen
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Lisa E
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Irais O
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Annette E
Aleina T
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Ekaterina S
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Julie S
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Nicole G
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Truongsa P
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Glenda S
Lisa E
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Sara Z
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Barbara M
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Irais O
Kathrin D
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Sharon T


Juian-Juian Fu, MD, PhD is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and has practiced dermatology and conducted skin research for over 30 years in the United States.
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