A breakthrough is making a few forward-looking women more beautiful, more self-confident. The NEW Opté Beauty Wand’s five-minute treatment’s skin smoothness is better than any in history.

Opté users look flawless, like they're wearing no makeup. Where you need lightening (only 2% of your face), it’s there. Where you don’t, you’re natural. No foundation!

The NEW Opté Beauty Wand links a scanner, computer and precise micro-airbrush. Together, they apply advanced skin care serum that erases skin-color variations. It’s effective everywhere: large areas and subtle, tiny variations too small to see.

How It Makes You Flawless

Opté’s safe blue light scans your skin. Its computer analyzes, then sets serum amounts and application spots, down to 1 micron in size. The micro-airbrush then precision-applies correcting serum.

You’re perfected as the Wand moves over your skin. Use on face, hands, neck, under eyes, décolletage… anywhere.

Opté Beauty Wand

The Wand, built to last for years, uses recyclable cartridges good for two months. It’s easy-to-use and reliable. No complex adjustments needed.

Correcting serum is the heart of the NEW Opté Beauty Wand. It consists of four ingredients. A mineral-based pigment covers immediately. Sunblock and moisturizer help protect your skin. Our unique Pixel-White lightening agent fades inconsistencies over weeks of use.

Opté Beauty Wand

How You Easily Perfect Your Look

Each morning, start with moisturizing and SPF (no foundation!). Draw the Wand over your face and skin. Allow about five minutes for your face. The Wand perfects your skin. After treatment, you're flawless-looking and gets a therapeutic treatment.

Opté handles all tonal variations. That includes age and sun spots, redness, blemishes, scars and more. Over time, the serum treats and improves age and sun issues.

Opté Beauty Wand

Your Flawless Opportunity Is Now

We are delaying a broad launch of the NEW Opté Beauty Wand until we have enough Wands to meet demand. It’ll be high when women discover how perfect they can look.

Right now, we have a very, very limited quantity of Wands. When they’re gone, there will be a long wait until the next production is complete. For now, one per household, please.

Risk FREE Trial Confirmation – NEW Opté Beauty Wand – Complete Kit

Your NEW Opté Beauty Wand kit includes Wand, two tips, cradle and power cord, and twelve Serum Cartridges (shipped to you every 2 months). Special introductory pricing is $98/mo for 24 months.

30-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Use your NEW Opté Beauty Wand every day for a month and a half. Not satisfied with anything about it or how you look and feel? Use the enclosed prepaid return-shipping label to return it for a full refund.

To begin your risk-FREE Trial of the NEW Opté Beauty Wand, click “Buy Now”

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